Forklift Instructor Training

Lift Truck Instructor Training

Lift Truck Instructor Examiner Training:
DLT Training Limited are accredited by RTITB Limited to train and test Lift Truck Operators and to also train Lift Truck Instructors.

Who Should Attend a Lift Truck Instructor Course:
The course is designed for experienced Lift Truck Operators who wish to become Lift Truck Training Instructors and gain registration to the RTITB National Register of Lift Truck Instructors, valid for 5 years. A 3-day re-registration course must be attended before the end of the 5 years in order to maintain registration.

RTITB Course Entry Requirement:
The Lift Truck Instructor Course duration is 10 days. Before acceptance onto an RTITB Accredited Instructor training course, the nominated candidate must provide documentary evidence of having successfully completed Lift Truck Operator’s “Basic Operating Skills Test” endorsed by RTITB, within the twelve months preceding the course commencement.

(Page 2 – Chapter 6 – Section 6.2 – Candidate Entry Qualifications – RTITB Lift Truck Operator & Instructor Training Recommendations)

Publications Supplied on the Course:
• Trainer’s Guide – Counterbalanced Industrial Lift Trucks, published by RTITB Services Ltd.
• Approved Code of Practice & Supplementary Guidance, Rider Operated Lift Trucks – Operator Training, published by the Health & Safety Commission.
• Safety In Working with Lift Trucks, published by the Health & Safety Executive.
• RTITB Limited – Lift Truck Operator & Instructor Training Recommendations
• LOLER – Guidance on Regulations
• PUWER – Guidance on Regulations
• HSE Publication – HSG136 Workplace Transport Safety

Candidates who have not taken the test within the 12 month period preceding the Instructor Course commencement will require one of the following:

• 3 days Basic Operator Training (for experienced operators who are un-certificated)
• 1-day Refresher Training (for candidates whose basic operator certificate exceeds the 12 month specified period)