Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT & Genny)

Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT & Genny)
Awareness and Operational Training

Designed for:
This course is aimed at all of those involved in carrying out work on or near underground services and requiring an introduction to the avoidance of underground services and the operation of cable avoidance tools.

Course Aim:
Provide delegates with an understanding of the correct setting up and use of cable avoidance tools along with operational limitations, the common features on a cable avoidance tool, what is or is not locatable and operator safety

The course will look at current health & safety legislation and the HSG47 guidance on the avoidance of underground services;

Course Content:
• Legislation overview
• Planning the work
• Risk Assessment of the task
• The function and operation of all controls of the cable avoidance tool
• Inspection and maintenance of the equipment
• Limitations and correct use of avoidance tools
• Correct search procedures
• Locating and identifying buried services
• Complete a scan using a scanning device
• Safe excavation
• Theoretical Test
• Practical Exercise

Half-day – for up to 6 candidates per course