We are now an Approved Chartered Institute of Logistics Training Centre

With OCR no longer offering the CPC Road Haulage (Transport Managers) qualification,DLT Training Ltd have been approved as a Chartered Institute of Logistics training centre.

From May 17th 2021 we will be offering the CILT –  CPC Road Haulage qualification.   Listed below are the dates of the proposed CILT CPC Road Haulage Courses and exam dates.

CILT CPC ROAD HAULAGE 17th May 2021 to 27th May 2021 1st June 2021
CILT CPC ROAD HAULAGE 19th July to 29th July 2021 3rd August 2021
CILT CPC ROAD HAULAGE 20th Sept to 30th Sept 2021 5th October 2021
CILT CPC ROAD HAULAGE 22nd Nov 2021 to 2nd Dec 2021 7th December 2021

The Exam dates are on the Tuesday following the 9 day courses

The exam format will take a similar approach to the OCR version with the R1 exam being a multi choice exam and the R2 being a case study format.

Please call 01656 656382 for further details and costs.