B + E Trailer Training


With the removal of the B+E  testing,  DLT Training Ltd offer a 1 day training course on driving a category B vehicle with a trailer.

The total weight of the vehicle and trailer together can’t weigh more than 3,500 Kg or the Gross Train weigh as stated on the vehicle manufacturers Plate (VIN). The weight of the trailer when fully loaded can’t weight more than the un-laden weight of the vehicle.

Category B+E – Cars with Trailers
As Category B but with a heavier trailer that isn’t covered in descriptions for Category B
If you have a suitable vehicle and trailer combination that meets the legal specification, then we would be able to use your own vehicle and trailer to carry out the training.
Alternatively, DLT Training Ltd, have a vehicle and trailer combination  this can be used to carry out the training. The duration of the course will be dependant on the driver’s ability & experience, and an assessment prior to training will usually determine the length of the course.